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 Central and Southeast Europe Group
  • Albania
  • Bosnia and
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Macedonia
  • Montenegro
  • Serbia
  • Slovenia

Rajinder Narain & Co works closely with advisors and partners across Central and Southeast Europe region, with special expertise in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania, and is uniquely positioned to meet your business needs in this region. This region continues to experience growth, with extensive opportunities in various sectors, including privatization of state-held assets, in addition to being an increasingly popular tourist destination, particularly along the Adriatic Mediterranean coast and islands with seaside resorts, as well as its alpine ski resorts.

Our network and partnerships enable us to offer integrated services to our clients in India and Asia, as well as to clients in the Central and Southeast Europe region wishing to do business in India. Our alliances with leading local law firms, financial institutions, and other specialized companies for JVs, mergers and acquisitions, as well as a strong network with government foreign investment promotion agencies, chambers of commerce, and the business and political communities in those countries give us a leading edge in helping you do business or identify key partners or clients in those countries, and ensure that we are able to provide consistent support and reliable business advice across that region.

We can offer you legal and advisory services in residential and commercial real estate, debt, equity, private-equity, corporate/M&A, joint ventures, and project finance transactions, as well as litigation support.

In addition to key partner firms on the ground in the region, we also have a senior team member Mr. Chris Miller based in Delhi, who is extremely networked in the region after living and working there for nearly 15 years, including 8 years with the World Bank and IFC (International Finance Corporation), alongside other international development agencies. Chris and the team travel regularly to the region and are in constant contact at very high levels in the highest political and business circles of the countries of former Yugoslavia, and he speaks the local languages of Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Macedonia at a native level of fluency.

Rajinder Narain Co provides the leading advantage of offering you a point of contact on the ground in Delhi who can meet with you here to understand your needs and wishes and lead in coordinating our efforts on the ground in those countries, as well as for businesses from Central and Southeast Europe wishing to identify trade partners or establish themselves in India.

Rajinder Narain & Co can offer you:
  • Investment, business, and political advice by experts on the region, based in Delhi, and fluent in the regional languages
  • Our network of top tier experienced regional lawyers/law firms and investment/business advisors in the major cities of the region, fluent in English and local languages
  • Particular legal expertise in property, employment, taxation, outsourcing, patents/intellectual property, IT, data protection
  • Experience of advising on cross border banking, mergers and acquisitions, trade partnerships, and other projects
  • Specialists and extensive resources that make us uniquely placed to support your business requirements involving these growing economies